Who we are

JNMRF is an all volunteer organization dedicated to the rescue and rehoming of Norwegian elkhounds and elkhound mixes.  Incorporated in 2003, we are a 501c3 organization and work with volunteers around the country to find caring, loving homes for these dogs.  We do not have a kennel or shelter to house dogs so we depend on volunteer foster families for holding dogs until they are adopted.  The fund provides money to pay for shelter fees, spaying and neutering, heartworm checks, vaccinations, immediate as well as long term medical treatment, temporary housing, and transportation in its effort to rehome these dogs.  We maintain a rescue website to provide internet exposure for dogs in need.  We also work with other rescue groups throughout the USA and Canada in helping to accomplish these goals. Once you have decided this is the breed for you, consider adopting your next companion.


How do I adopt a dog?

Step 1. Complete an adoption application: Forms can be submitted online or downloaded, completed and mailed to JNMRF, P.O. Box 65, Mendenhall, PA 19357  Click here to go to the forms.
Step 2. Email or discuss with our coordinator about dogs listed on our rescue site.  The coordinator may know of others not yet listed that would also work well in your home situation.
Step 3.  Receive a home visit from one of our volunteers or a volunteer from an associated organization.  The whole family should be present during at least part of the home visit.
Step 4.  Sign an adoption contract prior to or at the time you receive a dog.  All dogs placed must have signed contracts received by the JNMRF Treasurer or a designated JNMRF Volunteer.   View the contract here.


You must be of legal age to adopt a dog from JNMRF.  We reserve the right to refuse adoption of any dog in our care without explanation.  Due to the shortage of volunteers, you may not be contacted immediately after submitting a form.  We apologize for delays and try to do our best to find the right home for each dog we have in our care.


If you wish to refer a needy dog to us, please click here to use the Submit for Adoption form and provide as much information as possible.  We are a national rescue and need information on the location of the dog as well as the legal owner or responsible party.



Why Adopt a Rescue?

Dogs come into rescue for many different reasons.  Some are picked up as strays and taken to shelters and never claimed.  Some come into rescue because of the death  or serious illness of an owner.    Others are  voluntarily surrendered because of behavioral problems or changes in owner  situations such as moving or financial circumstances.  Sometimes people buy that  “cute puppy” in the pet shop window and find they have inherited a dog which sheds, barks and demands more attention than they are able or willing to provide.  Many of these dogs  become superb pets with a little training and understanding of their needs.


I can't adopt, How else can I help?


Can't foster or adopt, but want to HELP A DOG RIGHT NOW?

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you can mail your donation to:

P.O. Box 65
Mendenhall, PA 19357

JNMRF is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization incorporated in the state of Illinois. 
FEIN #35-
Donations are deductible to the fullest extent of the law. 



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